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When Can I File A Personal Injury Case?

by Justin Seaberg

in Personal Injury Basics, Recommended Reading

Personal injury laws cover many more types of incidents and injuries than you may imagine. But you may need to act quickly if you want to seek out compensation for the damages you suffered because of someone else’s actions.

Personal injury can include many obvious types of injuries, such as a car crash caused by a drunk driver, but it can also include harassment and discrimination. Defective products, be they medicine or faulty machine parts, are typically also covered.

Generally, the key in a personal injury case is establishing that someone else is at fault for your injury. Fault may include many actions, including:

  • Specific actions: Abuse (both verbal and physical), harassment, police brutality, allowing dangerous activities to continue, misuse of equipment.
  • Failure to act: Not providing proper safety equipment, not providing proper warnings, lack of proper instruction, not assisting the injured.
  • Defective products: Poorly made or malfunctioning equipment on any device, including cars, tools, railings, safety equipment.

At times, there may be a single individual responsible. In other cases a company or business may promote unsafe practices or produce unsafe products. Either way, it is up to you and your personal injury lawyer to prove that someone else was responsible for your injury.

But if you are going to make your case you may need to act quickly. In every state there are strict laws governing what’s known as the “statute of limitations.” These laws outline the amount of time you have to take action to bring your case.

If you wait too long and the statute of limitations runs out you may not be able to take any action, in which case you’ll be stuck footing the bill for your recovery and any losses.

This means that even if you aren’t fully recovered from your injury you may want to begin taking action. This could include documenting all expenses and damages – including medical bills, lost wages because of time missed at work, damages to your property.

This may seem like a lot of work – and it is – but you don’t have to take it on all by yourself. An injury attorney may help you with paperwork, documentation and building your case. In fact, it’s one reason why so many people turn to an injury lawyer for help.

A personal injury attorney may help you collect the vital information for your case, but also help you meet all the proper deadlines so your case is accurately filed.

What else could an injury lawyer do for you? A lawyer may answer any questions you have about the process, the timing and offer advice on whether you should take action. Many personal injury lawyers offer free consultations, and this may be a good way to get the information you need to take timely action.

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