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What is Personal Injury Law? – The Basics

by Justin Seaberg

in Personal Injury Basics, Recommended Reading

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Put simply, personal injury law allows an individual to sue for compensation if they have been injured by another individual. Generally speaking, an individual must be injured due to some sort of negligence or careless behavior in order for personal injury laws to apply. These can include everything from medical malpractice to car accidents and even slips, trips, and falls. An individual can also sue if they have been injured due to assault, battery, and even murder. In some cases, it can be difficult for an individual to determine whether or not personal injury laws apply in their case which is why it pays to discuss a case with a qualified attorney.

It is not always necessary for an individual to be negligent or take part in some type of intentional wrongdoing in order to be found liable for injuries in a personal injury law case. For example, in product liability cases the manufacturer or retailer may not have purposely taken part in any type unsafe behavior but can still be found liable for damages caused by their product. Again, the best way for an individual to determine whether or not it is worth pursuing a personal injury law case is to have a frank and honest discussion with an attorney near your area.

Personal injury law is an important part of the United States legal system because it allows individuals to recover losses associated with their injury. These laws have made it the legal responsibility of every citizen in the United States (including the companies doing business here) to be more cautious and act at the minimum level of care. The fact that they allow one private citizen to require another to answer in court for their negligence or irresponsible behavior also encourages individuals to act in a more responsible way.

Without personal injury laws, an individual would be accountable for any out-of-pocket expenses associated with their injury. The ability to sue in order to recover those losses means that an innocent person can hold the guilty party answerable for their negligence. So, what is personal injury law? They are a group of laws that allow individuals to hold one another responsible for their irresponsible and negligent behavior, thereby deterring bad behavior and making society a safer place for everyone.

A qualified and experienced attorney can help a person come to a better understanding of exactly what their rights are when it comes to recovering any losses associated with a personal injury case.

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