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Understanding a personal injury settlement is an important part of getting the compensation that a person is entitled to. Generally speaking, an individual is likely to be dealing with the other party’s insurance company. Because of this, it is a good idea for the injured individual to have a competent attorney at their side. An insurance company will be interested only in spending as little money as possible. Because of this, the initial settlement offer is likely to be 50 to 75% less than what the individual is actually entitled to. It is important to understand that a settlement can be reached at any time during the case before a verdict has been delivered.

Understanding how insurance companies handle claims is crucial if an individual is going to file a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury insurance claims and insurance companies go hand-in-hand since they almost always involve an insurance company of some sort. For example, if an individual sues after being involved in an automobile accident, the other driver’s insurance company will be involved. If a person is injured while undergoing a medical procedure and finds that is necessary to begin a medical malpractice lawsuit then the doctor’s insurance company will be handling the matter. Likewise, homeowners insurance will be involved if a person is injured on another individuals property.

An injured individual may feel that it cheapens the experience that they have lived through if they try to put a dollar amount on their injuries. The fact is that an individual who have suffered due to the negligence or irresponsibility of another person deserves to know exactly what their claim is worth. Knowing the worth of your personal injury claim will require you to discuss every aspect of the case with a qualified attorney. An attorney will be able to determine the value of your claim by calculating the degree to which it can be proven that the injury was due to another person’s fault.

If you’ve been injured on the job, or have had any type of automobile accident, you may be in the process of filing a personal injury claim. But you may be unsure about how much your claim is worth, and you may need to know why it’s taking so long for you to settle your […]

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