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When it comes to filing a personal injury claim, you have the choice of whether or not to hire a personal injury lawyer or do it yourself. Initially, you may be tempted to go about it alone since hiring an attorney can be an extra expense that you cannot afford or would prefer to avoid. While there are a number of excellent resources available to individuals interested in handling a personal injury case on their own, there are a number of reasons that you should consider hiring an attorney rather than going solo.

It is not always necessary for an individual to be negligent or take part in some type of intentional wrongdoing in order to be found liable for injuries in a personal injury law case. For example, in product liability cases the manufacturer or retailer may not have purposely taken part in any type unsafe behavior but can still be found liable for damages caused by their product. Again, the best way for an individual to determine whether or not it is worth pursuing a personal injury law case is to have a frank and honest discussion with an attorney.

The total personal injury cases filed in 2010 reached 84,060. This is 12.73% higher than 2009. 2,774 of these filings are U.S. Cases while 81,286 are private cases arising from product liability and other personal injury. Pennsylvania has the highest filings due to multidistrict litigation (MDL) of product liability related to asbestos were transferred to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. An increase in filing in the Southern District of Illinois was due to a product liability MDL involving Bayer Pharmaceuticals contraceptives. The District of Minnesota also has an several MDLs due to product liability claims. Personal injury case filings in the Southern District of Texas was due to student loans and insurance litigation.

If you have been injured at work or due to an accident that was not a fault of your own, you are probably getting more familiar with the rules that are associated with personal injury cases. But even though you may have reported your case to a local lawyer, you may be wondering why your […]

A personal injury case may be more complex than you imagine. Typically, after you’re injured, an insurance company will contact you and ask you to give a statement. The insurance company representative will likely claim that the company wants to get the ball rolling so that your medical bills can be paid as quickly as […]

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