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Personal Injury Case Statistics For 2010

by Justin Seaberg

in Personal Injury Basics

The total personal injury cases filed in 2010 reached 84,060. This is 12.73% higher than 2009. 2,774 of these filings are U.S. Cases while 81,286 are private cases arising from product liability and other personal injury. Pennsylvania has the highest filings due to multidistrict litigation (MDL) of product liability related to asbestos were transferred to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. An increase in filing in the Southern District of Illinois was due to a product liability MDL involving Bayer Pharmaceuticals contraceptives. The District of Minnesota also has an several MDLs due to product liability claims. Personal injury case filings in the Southern District of Texas was due to student loans and insurance litigation.

Here's a compilation of the 2010 statistical data that came from the U.S. Courts website. Figures are for private personal injury cases involving Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), marine injuries, motor vehicle injuries, medical malpractice and other personal injuries. The top 9 states are listed below, followed by a complete list sorted by state.

PA 49,683 Pennsylvania MN 2,662 Minnesota AR 1,521 Arkansas
IL 5,073 Illinois FL 1,966 Florida AL 1,466 Alabama
NY 2,812 New York LA 1,797 Louisiana CA 1,334 California

Here's the complete table in alphabetical order.

AL 1,466 Alabama KY 377 Kentucky ND 21 North Dakota
AK 37 Alaska LA 1,797 Louisiana OH 902 Ohio
AZ 394 Arizona ME 46 Maine OK 262 Oklahoma
AR 1,521 Arkansas MD 429 Maryland OR 133 Oregon
CA 1,334 California MA 215 Massachusetts PA 49,683 Pennsylvania
CO 206 Colorado MI 309 Michigan RI 629 Rhode Island
CT 160 Connecticut MN 2,662 Minnesota SC 375 South Carolina
DE 51 Delaware MS 838 Mississippi SD 42 South Dakota
DC 256 District of Columbia MO 789 Missouri TN 516 Tennessee
FL 1,966 Florida MT 43 Montana TX 1,147 Texas
GA 497 Georgia NE 58 Nebraska UT 93 Utah
HI 62 Hawaii NV 195 Nevada VT 43 Vermont
ID 41 Idaho NH 46 New Hampshire VA 332 Virginia
IL 5,073 Illinois NJ 1,056 New Jersey WA 271 Washington
IN 382 Indiana NM 109 New Mexico WV 713 West Virginia
IA 82 Iowa NY 2,812 New York WI 66 Wisconsin
KS 175 Kansas NC 227 North Carolina WY 65 Wyoming

2010 Personal Injury Case Filings Distribution Map

Distribution map of personal injury case filings.

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