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This directory is a compilation of personal injury lawyers that is free to the public for internet research. The database consists of both private practice lawyers and law firms. Their services include injury claims and settlements which can vary from state to state. Each state has their own codes and statutes to consider.

The directory listings are categorized by state. You will be able to easily come up with a good list of prospects that are near your area when you use this online lawyer directory. There are about 18,000 attorneys listed here that are actively practicing in personal injury laws (or tort law) in the US.

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Let’s pretend for a while you were able to find 5-10 candidates in your research. You now phone each one of them. Assuming you can explain your legal case to a lawyer in half-hour… (I’m now getting my handy calculator)… hmmm… 30 minutes per attorney… multiply by 10 will give you 300 minutes… divide by 60 minutes… that’s five hours for 10 attorneys and 10 hours if you call all 20 lawyers on your list. Try to visualise yourself talking on the phone for 10 hours non-stop!

Don’t you think it’s too uninteresting to do it that way? What if there’s an easier procedure? The REAL SECRET in finding low-cost personal injury lawyers is to use a lawyer network. In which you use a single online form and your case is automatically forwarded to pre-screened members on the network. Interested members will reply to your case or even call you. You will be in a good position to negotiate the legal fees prior to retaining the lawyer. The added advantage is that you can hide your personal information until you decide to hire or visit the lawyer in person.

You have a better chance of getting an affordable solution to your legal problem if there are more attorneys responding to handle your case. Remember: you’ll get a better deal when lawyers compete for their services!

Current Topic: A personal injury lawyer who is familiar with your state laws and local court system can take much of the stress out of the process.

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